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John Weidner

Source Types - Prayer or Memorial Card

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Has anyone created a source type for prayer cards or memorial cards?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but neither of Elizabeth Shown-Mills' books appears to address this very important source type.


I've started a source type based on the newspaper / obituary format. Here's what I have so far:


[NAME OF PERSON], prayer card, [FUNERAL HOME NAME], [ADDRESS]<, [DATE]>; privately held by<, [REPOSITORY]><, [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]><, [CD]><. Hereinafter cited as [?????]>.


The question marks are just one of many issues here.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi John,


I have constructed a custom source type that I use for a variety of miscellaneous purposes, and have used it for such memorial cards. My custom source type contains the maximum possible Source Element fields, but all fields are conditional (except RECORD TYPE to define what kind of source type this is), so I only have to use those fields that make sense. My templates are:


Full Footnote


Short Footnote

<[AUTHOR]; ><"[SUBTITLE]", ><[ITAL:][TITLE][:ITAL], >[RECORD TYPE]<: [CD]><. [CM]>



For one of my Memorial cards I used only the following six fields:

Title: Memorial Card

Record Type: Funeral Prayer Card

Subject: Jones, Mrs. Helen neé Smith

Original Date: July 7, 1996

Publisher: Spaulding & Curtin Funeral Home

Publisher Address: Ferndale, Michigan


Thus this Full Footnote gives:

Memorial Card, Funeral Prayer Card (July 7, 1996); Mrs. Helen neé Smith Jones (Ferndale, Michigan: Spaulding & Curtin Funeral Home)<:><.>.

And the Bibliography gives:

Memorial Card, Funeral Prayer Card (July 7, 1996); Jones, Mrs. Helen neé Smith. Ferndale, Michigan: Spaulding & Curtin Funeral Home.


There are other suggestions from other users that are likely to differ, as Virginia has referenced. Hope this gives you ideas,

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