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unique identification number in research log entry

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Dear reader!

(Please be patient: I'm no experienced english-speaker or writer because it is not my native-language - I'm in germany. So I've to beg your pardon, if I can't explain my thoughts absolute exactly. It would be great for me, if you ask me, if I can't discribe my topic clear enough to understand. Thank you!)


Now my topic / problem:

I'm working with TMG 7.04 in some family-histories with about 2,500 names. One of the Communication-Tool for me is the reserch-log. I create every question that I have when I read and working up a new document. It is important for me to associate every reasearch-log-entry with a source AND a person or event (etc.). If everything is done, I print the research-entries (my questions) and give them to the familymember to answer the questions or fill the missing informations.

My first problem is: to print a list of research-log-entries sorted by the source or the event, because it is easier for interviews

with (mostly older) familymembers to work on one document and go to the next at the next date.


Another of my problems is the next step:

I get the answers back from the familymember and have no unique identification "symbol" to complete the right (!) research-log-entry.


I'm not sure, if my words describe my problems exact enough but I hope although that you understand my topic. As I wrote: Feel free to ask.


It would be great, if anyone can give me a hint to find an easy solution.

Thank you very much for your attention and your patience with my english.



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I understand the problem, they are answering the questions, you just aren't sure which ones. One thing I would suggest is print out a list of tasks for a PERSON, and have them work on that. Also can you have them number the log and then number their answer so you will know what information goes with what questions.

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