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  1. 9.02 Role variables

    Reading the newsletter if sounds like the automated process is first going to try and fix role variables for us if the role is the subject of the sentence. Is there a way to opt out of this automatic update if we are happy with our [R:rolename] sentences and don't want to change to the new [s:rolename] variables. I can see where I will have to edit a lot of sentences back to the [R:rolename] otherwise. Other than that, I am thrilled with this new feature. It sounds just like what we have been asking for for a long time and I can't wait to use it.
  2. 8.06 Insufficient Stack Space

    I downloaded TMG 8.06 the first time through the check for update feature and got the error Insufficient Stack Space. I uninstalled TMG and deleted all the folders and reinstalled from the full installer last night. This morning, the project I was using was not found by TMG, so I reimported the data. Started getting Insufficient Stack Space error and TMG would no longer open. Uninstalled TMG yet again, deleted folders and reinstalled with a new clean update from the full installer (downloaded it a second time to be sure I have the correct file.) TMG opened, I restored my project and shut down TMG. When I reopened it, got the error Insufficient Stack Space error and TMG 8.06 will not open at all. Cancel shuts the program down. Ignore just redisplays the error. Help takes me to a help file. It talks about running the file in a desktop icon, but I have no idea what this means.
  3. TMG 8.05 - problem in data entry

    Helmut, In the PV you can have a tag tell you to show the ROLE NAME or PRINCIPAL. Since you are seeing PRINC, I assume you have the DEATH Tag set to show PRINCIPAL. Go to the MASTER TAG TYPE LIST and edit the DEATH TAG. On the OTHER tab, select USING LABEL ABOVE if you want the role shown or leave it as it is to see what you are seeing. I am not sure why you are only seeing PRINC instead of PRINCIPAL, but that is the only explanation I can think of for what you are seeing. TMG has worked this way for as long as I can remember.
  4. Returning to TMG 7.04?

    I am still with 7.04 because of the issues with roles. I will remain in 7.04 until 8.0x fixes all the bugs in the way roles are edited, sorted or renamed. If I need the word processing abilities of 8.0 I can always import my data, and print.
  5. Shirley, Not sure it if's related, but I have the same problem when I edit my custom roles that came from TMG 7.04. I posted about editing roles on the forum, so you might read that and see if it's similar to what you are seeing. I haven't noticed validating changing my roles, but if you are in the tag (after you have edited the role name) and click on the Tag Name, it will change them from the custom role to Witness on the tag edit window. I have reported what i saw, and hopefully it will be fixed in a future version. I am just a user, so I am not sure if anyone from support has seen your post.
  6. Editing Role Names 8.02

    When editing role names in the Master Tag Type window, if you edit more than one role name at a time for a tag, only the last role name gets updated in existing tag types. When you open an existing tag, in the drop down window for the role list, it will show the role as you edited it, but any existing Principals or Witnesses that use that role will still show the old role. If you click on the tag type label, those roles will change to Principal or Witness, and have to be manually updated. Example. If I edit role "fr wh male 0-5" "fr wh male 5-10" and "fr wh male 10-20" only the role "fr wh male 10-20" will be changed in existing tag types. The roles "fr wh male 0-5" and "fr wh male 5-10" will still show in existing tag types as they were before the edit. Notice that highlighted role in drop down list is "free white male 00-05" (I edited the role "free wh male 00-05" to "free white male 00-05"). Yet notice that James M. Gee (a witness to an existing tag type imported from 7.04) has the old role of "free wh male 00-05" f you click on the role itself, it will show a different role. Ex above. If I click on a witness with the role "fr wh male 0-5" and go to the Edit WItness window, the role will not be "fr wh male 0-5". I believe it is defaulting to the role that is sorted first in the list, since the ones I noticed were always "Head of Family" which is the first role I have sorted in the list. Now I double clicked on the witness James M. Gee 1213 whose role plainly shows as "free wh male 00-05" in the Tag Entry window, but notice that the role shown on the Edit witness window is "Head of Family." Also if you edit a role name, the role name variable [R:Rolename] is not being updated in the role sentences. If you manually update it to match the role name, then since the role names are not being updated in existing tag types, your sentences will print "An unknown person.." Notice that highlighted role is "free white male 00-05", but highllighted role variable in the sentence still shows "free wh male 00-05" I did all editing of roles in English US. I did not try to see what translating roles in other languages would do. You will only see this issue if you edit more than one role name at a time in a tag type.
  7. Tags - Roles - Sentence

    Thanks for updating us Jim. Good luck.
  8. Tags - Roles - Sentence

    Freddy, When you say you have changed, does that mean you have edited the role name translations? If so, that is your problem. This is a known bug in TMG 8.01. It has been fixed in 8.02. Just reinstall from your backup and don't edit or sort role name translations until 8.02 is released. That may be why you are seeing two of each role. I don't know why you can't edit the sentences, but it may be an after effect of the role bug issue. You can still use roles from TMG 8.01, just wait a while until you sort them in the list, or try and edit the role name translations. 8.02 is supposed to fix this issue for us. Hopefully this will fix your sentence editing problems as well.
  9. Tags - Roles - Sentence

    Freddy, Are you sure one of those isn't Father Bride and father bride1? TMG 8.0 does not treat roles with different case as different roles, so if you have both Father Bride and father bride, that is the same role and you have it listed twice in the same tag type. I don't see how that could have happened to be honest. When you added the roles from TMG 8 (whether you chose to enable them or not) they were supposed to have a 1 added to the end of the role name if you already had a role by that role name. So if you already had Father Bride, and TMG 8.0 was going to add father bride, it should have added a 1 at the end of the rolename. Since you say you are using DUTCH, you have translated one role name to Father Bride and another role name to father bride. You can change the translation to the role you aren't using to something else (like "DELETE ME"). But that should not affect your ability to edit role sentences at all. Have you tried contacting support at support@whollygenes.com? I really don't know what more to suggest.
  10. Visiting A Record Office

    Not using the UK version, but this is what I do. First I search for everyone who was in a certain place. Say a cemetery. I then print an Individual Narrative for each of those people (use the filter on the report.) If it's a lot of people this may not work, but the beauty of it is, I get one page (or sometimes two) for each person in that area, with all their events. So I can look up what I don't have on them while I am there. Have fun. Don't forget to take some snacks too. If you aren't allowed food, I take hard candy. Most places don't mind it and it keeps blood sugar level.
  11. Sentence in roles

    Freddy, If you edit the sentence in the Tag Entry window>Sentences window, that creates what TMG calls a local sentence. If you then try and edit the sentence for that role in the Master Tag Type list, and print a report for the person you created that local sentence for you will not see the changes you made in the Master Tag Type list. The way to fix that is to delete the local sentence in that person's PV screen and then it will use the global sentence. If that's not the issue, then I am not sure what's going on, because all role sentences can be edited.
  12. Custom Tags and Roles TMG7 to TMG8

    I haven't seen it in 8.0 or 8.01 either Terry. And I have imported my data several times. But like Jim said, I did have an issue with the beta version. I chose to not have the roles that shipped with 8.0 enabled. But all my custom roles did get enabled.
  13. Export to GEDCOM very unreliable

    Vera, Is there a way a moderator could change this topic title, to something like Export to Gedcom-Issue Solved? That way those of use reading the topics can tell at a glance this is not an issue with TMG. Thanks, Teresa
  14. Duplicated roles in Tag Edit WIndow

    Actually, it happens when you edit a role name more than once from the MTTL Tag Edit window. But thanks so much Vera for replicating, reporting and also for fixing the image. If you edit the role once and save out of the MTTL Tag Edit window, you will not see this bug.
  15. Duplicated roles in Tag Edit WIndow

    Thanks Glenn. Still trying to learn this new forum setup. Do you need the image as a jpg? I can resave it for you if you do.