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  1. Cannot Restore a Project

    I know it's been years since Lee posted this, but I would love to know if it ever got resolved. I am currently experiencing the same issue. My situation is I was running TMG 9.05 on Windows 7 running on iMac under Parallels Desktop 13. Then my iMac had a hardware failure and I ended up with a different iMac. I r-installed TMG 9.05 only this time on Windows 10 running under Parallels 13. When I try to restore from an sqz, I get the same "Wrong Destination Path". Very discouraging! as I have 35 years of research stuck in backups I can't seem to restore!
  2. Picklist Sorting

    Great suggestions Jim! Thanks! Maybe with that I can yet still salvage a small amount of productivity this weekend!
  3. Picklist Sorting

    Well, after hours of further study of my set up and my data, I finally think I may have found what's causing my problem! It seems, I AM in fact using a customized "Name Style" that is not properly set up as my default name style template after all! John and Jim's assumption about that being the problem was correct! The problem was that in all my earlier analysis, the problem eluded my detection for a very subtle reason. Every time I reviewed my default name template setup (in DataSet Manager), I saw "U.S.Standard Name". What I failed to catch was that it wasn't "U.S. Standard Name"! The difference being the missing space character between "U.S." and "Standard" ! I just kept looking at it and thinking I'm using the U.S. Standard Name style! And, In this altered name style, the surname sort template and surname display template both are different from the standard template in that they read .... [SortSurname] [PreSurname], [GivenName] ... (with a space character between the SortSurname and Presurname values)! That's how the trailing space after the surname is being introduced! The only thing I don't understand is how this template got introduced as the default about 2 years back, as I have no memory of playing with the Name style. My only guess is that having been a TMG user since way back (version 3 or 4), I may have at one time, very long ago, experimented with alternate name styles and forgotten all about it. And then maybe 2 years ago I accidently re-activated it, not realizing it wasn't the TRUE standard name style. In the past 10-12 years I've been smart enough to encode every one of my new customized templates, styles, event tags, etc. with my initials after them, so I KNOW they are customized by me, but way back I was not that smart! I guess my only word of advice for djsavell is to go back and carefully check your default name style set-up too! I'm not sure yet exactly how I'm going to fix all my bad entries (maybe about 300 people), but I'm hoping that it's just a matter of restoring the proper standard style as default and then manually "re-editing" each of the names. Does anybody know if just opening the Name Tag entry window and then closing it again by immediately clicking "OK" is sufficient to invoke the correct name style template? Or do I actually have to make a text string change, which implies 2 opens of the Name tag window (one time to add a temporary character, and a second time to remove the temporary character)? I guess I'll find out. Either way, I guess it's not going to be my most productive weekend! [UPDATE: Never mind, I see I can correct the name style right in the Name Tag window] In any case, thanks guys for all the great assistance! --Randy
  4. Picklist Sorting

    Jim, It seems like that would be true, but I've never edited my system's name style and as best I can see, there are no unexplained characters or spaces in the U.S. Standard Name Style that is set. I also find it odd that if Married names are auto generated, they are properly done (even for recent entries). Wouldn't that also use the same name style? If it wasn't for another user reporting the same problem I would lean toward a possible corruption of my software. But with another user reporting the same exact thing, that seems a little bit unlikely. I just wish there was some way to fix the problem, even if it meant manually editing hundreds of name entries. But I can't see any way to do that. I even looked at TMG Utility as a possible way to remove "space" characters, but it didn't seem to recognize any to remove. (I only ran it in logging mode as I was concerned there may be names with spaces). I remain perplexed.
  5. Picklist Sorting

    I just wanted to report back that I did as Jim suggested and enable the switch to allow name resorting during execution of Verify File Integrity. I then ran Verify File Integrity. It asked if I wanted to resort the names and I said yes. It then proceeded to do that. However, it had no effect on the "hidden" extra space at the end of the surnames for entries made since about Aug 2016. I will add that I run TMG 9.05 on a MAC (10.13.3) in a Parallels virtual machine with Windows 7. I've been running in that kind of configuration since about 2011 (save for the numerous OS upgrades over that time) without any real issues. I'd be curious to know what kind of system djsavell is running.
  6. Picklist Sorting

    Michael, My Collate sequence is set to GENERAL and I'm using the STANDARD NAME STYLE. Further analysis has given me a few more clues... My affected entries were all Names I entered or first entered or re-editted after July/August 2016. I'm thinking that may be about the time I upgraded to 9.05? (not remembering). Entries whose "last edit date" is before that date don't have the extra space after the surname. Entries initially made or apparently re-editted (name field) after that date have the extra Space after the surname. Interestingly though, the auto-generated MARR-Name don't have the extra spaces. But after I did my edits to those in that group, they too became like the other recently editted names (with an extra unwanted space). So, now I know what's happening and when it started happening. I just don't know how to fix it. --Randy
  7. Picklist Sorting

    Jim I've done all that with the exception that I don't have the option to to rebuild the name index. Please tell me how that option is exposed. In the mean-time, I've been running a List of Persons reports and I'm now seeing that when I print out the names with a column Type = Name Group*tag; Last, GivenNames all my more recent entries and edits are showing up with hidden additional space(s) after the Surname. (see attached image with markups) UPDATE...confirmed it is a single space character after the surname.
  8. Picklist Sorting

    I just recently started having the exact same problem DJsavell describes! I have been running on TMG 9.05 since it first issued, but it seems the problem only applies to surnames I have entered more recently (can't say yet where the cut-off is). I've run Validate File Integrity, Reindex, and Optimize, to no avail. I also noticed that for some recent entries I made, the ladies whose Married names were automatically generated, got sorted in the picklist below the rest of the folks within the same surname (as if they had hidden characters after their surnames). However, interestingly, these got properly detected when I ran the search with surname <comma> and then part of <given name". Then, I re-edited each of the "Marr Name" fields for this "second group of individuls". Once I dd that, they then re-sorted into position with all the others of the same surname (that I had also recently entered), but now all of that recently entered surname, plus this "second group" all get skipped over as soon as I type the "comma" after the surname. (when sort is "Surname, Given Name, Birth Date" or sort is "Surname, Given Name, Death Date"). [ I hope that made sense] Further, I don't think I've ever attempted to customize Name Styles. Wondering if I've hit some sort of internal limit because of too many name entries in the picklist or something like that. Totally perplexed! Updated to show example: I attach an image showing yet another example of the problem. In this case I've entered a bunch of "Toll" family members (all recently entered.) When I run the search in the picklist and type "Toll, d" it skips past all the Tools until it stops and selects Toll, Sarah. who happened to have had her "Marr-Name" auto-generated. [Note: I've manually scrolled the picklist downward prior to snapshotting the screen to show the Tolls above Sarah. I did not alter the selected name.]
  9. Can somebody please explain what is meant by a pinned topic. I too had 8.04 crash and uninstall from my system. Before I reload, I want to make sure all remnants are removed, but I can't seem to locate the topic everyone keeps saying is pinned to the top of this forum.
  10. I am yet another user stung by the 8.02 update. I was running 8.01 on Windows 7 in a Parallels partion of my iMac (Lion). Then I made the mistake of trying the 8.02 update. Got the same missing file message and elected to rollback. That left me with nothing working. I've since attempted to fully uninstall TMG multiple times following all the recommendations given on this forum. Still can't get the trial version to install. It's been 2 days of trying everything you guys suggested. I think I'm gonna give up. While I've been a loyal TMG users since the mid 90's, I just can't take the Windows issues any more! (and in the last year I've really started to appreciate how great the Mac and IPads are for stability). My plan is to do one last TMG install on an old Windows machine I still have (and hate), port my data out to GEDCOM and bring it back into Reunion. Then Parallels and Windows is getting pulled off my Mac for good. Sorry guys. I really do love TMG but it's just not enough to make me want to keep fighting Windows. Regrettably. --Randy
  11. Today I attempted to upgrade from 8.00 to 8.01. The upgrade appeared to go smoothly with no problems reported. However, when I went to run TMG, the splash screen and Help About TMG both reported the version is still "8.00" as if the install never happened. Testing some of the features that 8.01 supposedly fixes also shows the fixes are not present on the system. So that would seem to indicate that the upgrade to 8.01 did not execute properly and I am still running at version 8.00. But, if I try to perform the upgrade again, the system informs me that I am already running the latest version. Obviously, something went very wrong with the 8.01 upgrade. But I have no idea as to what to do next. Has anyone got any ideas on how to navigate out of this problem? I'm running TMG on a iMAC OSX/Lion with Windows 7 (64-bit) running in a virtual environment provided by the latest version of Parallels.
  12. I am trying to figure out how to easily determine a generation number for the currently displayed person in the Details window without running reports or hand-translating the auto-relationship tag. Ideally, I would like to have an auto-generated tag (like the Auto Relation Tag) that simply displays the generation number (if calculatable) from a known target person. Maybe that is possible and I just don't know how to make it work? Alternatively, I would like a "generation number" display field added to the "other info" box. But I figures these would probably all have to be coded by the developers. So maybe users have figured another way to do this? I tried to find previous discussions on such topics, but couldn't find any. However, I am not very good at navigating these forums so it's quite possible I missed it. In any event, can anyone offer suggestions or point me to any previous discussions on such capability? --Randy
  13. Thanks, thast did the trick, I didn't realize it was waiting on my reply. Since it had already gotten to 1%, I incorrectly assumed it was running!
  14. When I run a Validate File Integrity my status display seems to hang at 1% complete and I never get any further. I can wait 20 minutes and see no progress. No Error messages appear either. All I seem to be able to do is Cancel. I'm running version 6.11. Anybody else experiencing this problem?