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Found 7 results

  1. I have had a break in my family history since 2007 and since I have gone from Windows to Macintosh. I used TMG 7 Gold and the latest setup file I have is tmg7setup.exe that has date Jan. 3, 2010. I have copies of my TMG data on burned CDs. Latest backup is from Dec. 31, 2007 and is named "Kurt 29072006-1527 2007-12-31 09-27-47.sqz". I have a serial number and an order number. Is this possible to get started with TMG again?
  2. V6.x to V8.08

    Can a backup .sqz file from version 6.x be restored in version 8.08, or does it need to be restored in version 7.04, then backed up again before restore to version 8.08? I will be assisting someone who is now using another program, last used TMG 6.? and has a project they would like to check out before disposing of the old computer. TIA Glenn
  3. Am running Windows 7 64-bit with all current Microsoft maintenance. Ran TMG V8.04 and requested upgrade to V8.07 per your announcement e-mail that arrived this morning. Download & install proceeded flawlessly. Went to restart TMG V8 and it hung with a "white screen" across both my monitors. Windows system monitor showed no activity on TMG task. Waited and waited and waited until I couldn't stand it any longer. Ended up cancelling the task. Attempted to reinstall TMG V8.04, but install failed saying a more current version was installed. Ended up having to delete TMG completely, then install TMG V7 and apply my initial upgrade to TMG V8.00 then TMG V8.04. At least have TMG back to a state where I can run, but not at all happy with the upgrade to V8.07. An upgrade that won't install successfully and forces a drop-back to a prior version is worse than useless...
  4. I am currently using TMG Silver Edition v7.04. I would like to upgrade to TMG8, preferably the Gold Edition. I am not sure how to go about this. Can I do it in one step or do I have to upgrade to TMG8 Silver and then do a second upgrade to Gold? I do not see any Silver->Gold upgrade on the Upgrades page.
  5. I currently seem to have a US edition of TMG - it is the Gold 7.04 edition. I'm not sure why I have US, as I have always been in the UK since I had TMG and I have mainly UK ancestors. What would be the best and cheapest way to upgrade to the UK Gold edition v8 and get my Projects and data changed to utilise all the UK formats and styles etc? i.e. Would it be easier to change over to the UK edition at v7 or v8?
  6. Earlier this week I did a clean install of 8.02 since I bought a new computer. After restoring my family tree, I've discovered that some custom tags I had created have disappeared and others have been renamed. In particular I had created custom tags for censuses by year and by country, e.g., 1790 Census US, 1841 Census Scotland, etc., with customised sentences. All the US census tags are gone, and all the UK and Canada based censuses are now renamed Census 18411, Census 184111 and so on. When I edit the master tag type list, I see that the language default is English (US). If I change this to English (UK), all my customisations reappear, but when I click the OK button, the language reverts to English (US) and my change isn't saved. Any ideas?
  7. Today I attempted to upgrade from 8.00 to 8.01. The upgrade appeared to go smoothly with no problems reported. However, when I went to run TMG, the splash screen and Help About TMG both reported the version is still "8.00" as if the install never happened. Testing some of the features that 8.01 supposedly fixes also shows the fixes are not present on the system. So that would seem to indicate that the upgrade to 8.01 did not execute properly and I am still running at version 8.00. But, if I try to perform the upgrade again, the system informs me that I am already running the latest version. Obviously, something went very wrong with the 8.01 upgrade. But I have no idea as to what to do next. Has anyone got any ideas on how to navigate out of this problem? I'm running TMG on a iMAC OSX/Lion with Windows 7 (64-bit) running in a virtual environment provided by the latest version of Parallels.