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Found 4 results

  1. I have had a break in my family history since 2007 and since I have gone from Windows to Macintosh. I used TMG 7 Gold and the latest setup file I have is tmg7setup.exe that has date Jan. 3, 2010. I have copies of my TMG data on burned CDs. Latest backup is from Dec. 31, 2007 and is named "Kurt 29072006-1527 2007-12-31 09-27-47.sqz". I have a serial number and an order number. Is this possible to get started with TMG again?
  2. Upgrading questions

    Several issues. I am running TMG Gold 9.03.0000 and would like to upgrade to 9.05, partially so that I have the latest version and partially so that I will also have a copy of the installer file to put aside just in case. I use a Mac with Parallels 10.4.0 and would also like to upgrade that to v. 11, and then upgrade my Win 7 to Win 10. I also run Second Site 6.0.2. I have current backups of my TMG projects. A lot of upgrading there and I'm a concerned about a conflict along the way. I have my TMG serial number, and my original e-mail from Wholly Genes when I bought TMG v. 9. This shows my name, e-mail address, serial number and order number. I this information my "unlock code"? If so, is that all I should need to upgrade to TMG 9.05? Once I have 9.05, I think my sequence should be to: 1. Upgrade to Parallels 10.4.0 2. Upgrade to Windows 10. Thanks, Ed Dunscombe
  3. TMG 9 on Mac in 2015 This article is an update to the TMG 8 on Mac article on the Wholly Genes Forum which was written for older versions of Mac operating systems and older versions of Parallels. New Macs run Yosemite and currently Parallels is at version 10. I have been running TMG on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz with 16Gb Ram in a Windows 8.1 Pro Upd. 1 64bit virtual machine under Parallels 10 since the summer of 2014 with no particularly special configuration to Parallels, Windows 8, or TMG. Attached is a PDF I compiled as I tested TMG in preparation of writing a new TMG 9 on Mac article, however the only recommendations I have at this time are the same recommendations I’d make for anyone running TMG on Windows 7, 8 or above. Right click the setup .exe file and choose run as administrator from the context menu, do not start TMG at the end of the installation process, instead reboot your computer, then on the very first run of TMG and the first run only, right click the TMG short cut on your desktop, or in the start menu and choose run as administrator from the context menu, enter your TMG unlock information and exit TMG, after these steps are completed run TMG normally. There are some Mac/Parallels users that recommend configuring Parallels to not share the Mac Home folder with Windows. This will put your TMG files on the Windows side and may be desirable for some users. Since the only Windows applications I’m using are TMG, TMG Utility, and Second Site I find it more convenient to have report output saved in the Mac document folder, reports are available when the virtual machine is not running, and Word, Excel, PDF etc. output can be opened with Mac applications. TMG on OS X 10.pdf
  4. I use VmWare Fusion to access my TMG v8 Project - I have 1 Project only. I can't figure out how to change the Backup location to have ann external location for it, e.g. a Flash Drive storage location. Until I can do that, I'm afraid v9 may uninstall v8. I'd appreciate any help on the Upgrade. Wishing Wholly Genes would go to Mac….. Thanks, MJ Gatti