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Still Waiting For Version 8

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Thanks for your efforts and all the others who volunteer their time to help test TMG. I'm sure most of us have no idea how much effort goes on behind the scenes.


Sheila Altenbernd

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On a Need To Know basis: We have not heard a word from TMG for quite a while now. As with the current BP situation, no news is NOT good news. Though I hope that there are still plans to bring Version 8 to us as soon as possible, I believe that some sort of announcement from TMG should be forthcoming.... anything, just something to let us know that they are still working on it. I really do not want to have to use another program - though I know that some people are doing just that because they are beginning to feel abandoned.


I too wish for some kind of update. I love TMG. There are things I would like to see that are not in version 7. I have no idea whether any of these things are going to be in version 8, 9 or ever. I don't want to change software. Technology changes a lot; a lot more than we probably need it to change and yet over time we find many of these changes/upgrades are very useful. WG is a small company. Users can be cranky - both when they hear something and when they don't hear something. One aspect of technology that is changing is that users want to be more interactive with the companies they buy hardware and software from [ie: apps].


All of these are true statements. I use another database program for my library catalog that is from a small company (Collectorz.com). They probably have a similar business model - few employees, devoted users, database software that needs/wants updating continuously, etc. They use Facebook and other communication tools to constantly update their customer base on what is happening and they put out several smaller upgrades to keep their users up to date (and I would guess this provides a more regular revenue stream as well). Even on major shifts in technology they keep their users informed. There will always be cranky customers; most people are pretty calm, though opinionated.


I think more information/interaction would be appropriate and appreciated. We all want TMG to do well. Unless there is competitive information that would damage market standing, open communication would benefit all parties.

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