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Prompts for DBF file

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I opened my database fine and then searched for a person. A window popped up and when I clicked on abort, it prompted me for a DBF file. I have no idea where to go from here.

I closed TMG and then reopened it and now it opens with an explorer screen wanting me to choose a DBF file. I can't do anything now.

I can probably reload the last backup but don't know if that is what I should do.


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Pam -


Try rebooting your computer and opening TMG again. If it opens normally, run the Maintenance routines in this order: Optimize - Validate File Integrity (VFI) - Optimize, repeating the sequence until there are no more errors reported from VFI.


Do you happen to recall the gist of the first window that opened - to which you selected Abort? Was it an error message of some sort?


How were you searching for a person - with the Picklist or Project Explorer? Were either of them filtered?


Any time you get that open DBF window, the game is over for that session, and time to shut down.


Hold off for now on restoring a backup. Maybe we can figure out the problem.



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Hi Virginia,


After rebooting my computer, when I try to open TMG, I get the open DBF file window and can't get to anything (because the problem person is the focus person).


The error was:

Memo file d:\Users\...\Projects\DONAHUE_G.FPT is missing or invalid. 882



I have seen this error for one person in the database (Abe Spoon) for a couple of months but was able to click out of it and choose another person. Now I can't.


I chose Abe Spoon from the Picklist.


I backup everytime I make a change so I just restored from backup (with another person as the focus). It came up fine.


I ran Optimize and then VFI and there were no problems reported the first time through.


What should I do next? I assume that I will still get the same error when I search for Abe Spoon again.




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