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TMG abbreviations

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Abbreviations used by members of TMG-L


When learning TMGish (that's like English, Spanish, etc) it is hard enough to learn all the new words, but we on TMG-L ( TMG-L@rootsweb.com) also use abbreviations of those new words and for a newbie (that's anyone who is unfamiliar with TMG) those abbreviations can be quite confusing. :) If you would like to join us on TMG-L, send an email to TMG-L-Request@rootsweb.com and put Subscribe in the subject line. Don't put anything in the message.


Here are a few abbreviations and their meanings.


From the report definition screen


ADL= Ahnentafel-Direct Line


AC= Ancestor Box Chart


DC= Descendant Box Chart


DIC= Descendant Indented Chart


DIN= Descendant Indented Narrative


DOP= Distribution of People


FGS= Family Group Sheet


FC= Fan Chart


HC= Hourglass Box Chart


ID= Individual Detail


IN= Individual Narrative


KR= Kinship Report


LOC= List of Citations


LOE= List of Events


LON= List of Names


LOP= List of People


LOPL= List of Places


LOR= List of Repositories


LOS= List of Sources


LOT= List of Tasks


LOTT= List of Tag Types


LOW= List of Witnesses


CP= Compressed-Pedigree (Found under reports as Pedigree-Compressed), not PC, because that would confuse it with Personal Computer. :)


PI= Project Information


RC= Relationship Chart


SR= Statistical Report


Miscellaneous Abbreviations


PV= Person View


FV= Family View


TV= Tree View


FG= Focus Group


PE= Project Explorer


MSL= Master Source List


MPL= Master Place List


MRL= Master Repository List


MEL= Master Events List


MTTL= Master Tag Type List


MSLP= Master Style List Places


MSLN= Master Style List Names


CD= Citation Detail This is where you can put more information (like page numbers) about a source. Not a Compact Disk. :)




DSM= Dataset Manager


VFI= Validate File Integrity


.sqz file= the file format that TMG uses to save backups in

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