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Is it time to convert UFT data to TMG?

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Back in 2001, I had an email conversation with Dave Conover about using GenBridge to convert all my Ultimate Family Tree data to TMG v4.0 Gold. However, there was an issue that stopped me from continuing to use TMG and I am still using UFT for my genealogy data. I wanted to check and see if this issue was finally resolved and then I will purchase TMG v8 and convert.


This was the request I posed to Dave in Feb. 2001:


"I would like to submit an enhancement request then. This is the text of the request:


'Add the ability to automatically change an internal exhibit to an external one.

The new function should save the internal exhibit to a file, link the external

file to all of the persons and events which the internal one is already linked

to, then delete the internal exhibit from the database.'


I'll wait for this enhancement to get into a future release. It's just too

much work to mess with manually.





Dave's response about 18 months later in Sep. 2002:


"Hi Bryan,


Look for a change in version 5.04. Sorry, I do not have a release date.




Even better would be the ability to do this conversion of internal to external exhibits in the GenBridge process, but I'm not sure what enhancements were made between v5.0 and v8.0.


One other question I have before I commit to TMG -- I need to be able to generate a web site automatically from a selected list of people from the database. Currently I use UFT to do this, and the web site I create and update is here: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancest...om/~cassb/CASS/


I will need to continue to generate these web pages in TMG for my users.



Bryan Cass

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I'd suggest that you ask your questions about UFT import on the TMG mail list. A number of users on the list have considerable experience with importing from UFT.



Thank you, but I would like to hear from TMG regarding my request for enhancement. This will determine whether I want to commit to TMG with my genealogy data.


I am currently reviewing a copy of FTM 2012 for Amazon and am finding it lacking in the ability to import all of my UFT data. I would like to put a plug for TMG in my review if it imports better than FTM does.




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Please contact Support if you want a response from Wholly Genes.

Wholly Genes Support


I just tested, and as far as I can determine, images from the UFT multimedia library are imported as internal images. I see no option in the Advanced Import Wizard to change that.


TMG can change internal exhibits to external exhibits only one at a time.


You can use TMG Utility to change all internal exhibits to external exhibits. Maybe that will resolve your issue.



The best way to generate a website from TMG is to use Second Site. You can use whatever subset of a data set that you wish for the generated website based on flags. Although you can generate HTML reports from TMG, Second Site is a vastly better method for creating websites.



Again, if you really want to get detailed information on the UFT import, you should talk to the UFT users on the TMG mail list. Those users know much more about the UFT import than me or anyone in Support.


There is a detailed document on the UFT import and I can send that to you if you wish. You can contact me by clicking on the link below...

Jim Byram


btw... If you want to have a discussion, please use the The Master Genealogist v7 forum.

Edited by Jim Byram

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