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Graham J

Transfer TMG v7

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I upgraded my TMG to version 7 via a download to an m/c running XP. How best can I transfer TMG v7 to another m/c now running Windows 7 64 bit?









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When you say "transfer" do you mean to install the program, or transfer your data files?


If the former, you simply install the program on the new computer. If you don't have a copy of the installer, download the 30-day free trial, and unlock it with your unlock code.


If you mean the data, the best way is to Backup the Project on the old computer, copy the backup file, and Restore it on the new one.


Once you have opened the Project on the new computer, be sure to go to Preferences > Project Options > Advanced and change the paths for backup, etc., to valid paths on the new system.

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