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Journal Report for Entire Database

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I would like to print a Journal Report for my entire database where TMG finds the end-of-line ancestor for each family and then produces the descendant report for each one (in one report). The spouse should be mentioned in a person's entry with a refernece to where the information on that spouse (and by extension, the spouse's birth family) is located. (Can you tell I was a UTF/Roots user?) I have nearly 25,000 names in my database and my goal is a cohesive report for everything that I can print for back-up of my research. I have not used the report features in TMG for a long time as I am on a 64-bit system. I was hopeful that somehow this would easily appear in V8 but I can't figure out how to achieve my goal.




This is my first post so please forgive improprities and please tell me about them so I can improve future posts.

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You can do that, provided you have enough paper. :)


In the Subjects section of the Journal report, use a Filter like:


Father* Is not known AND

Mother* Is not Known END


You may have to add a term for the SEX flag, too, to avoid duplicates for end-of-line couples .


When you specify multiple people for a genealogy report like this, TMG follows each line separately, cutting each off when it reaches people contained in previous lines in that report, with a cross-reference. You can use the Sort tab to specify the order in which the lines will appear.


With as many people as you have you may have difficulty if you include source notes, because of the huge number of source notes involved. There is a limit Word for the number of notes - beyond which Word refuses to open the file. I don't know if there is any limit if you send the report to screen or printer.

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