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Failure during upgrade to TMG 8.01

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No, the width of columns on the search page is the same.


I also went into the search and dragged the columns wider. The ones that already had a date were there, but others with dates in the record did not show them in the search.


I later also dragged the widths smaller. Even at a width of only one number wide, I could still see part of a birthdate or deathdate, if the record had one.


After the merge of records I inspected individually, the birth date and death date were added.


After an optimize, VFI and optimize, the birth date and death date were removed.

It is all somewhere weird. At least data isn't being changed in the record itself, just the search.


I can get the dates added to the search if two identical records are merged and the record ID changes. Playing with the date field or some other data does not make a difference. Birth and death dates stay blank in the search, which sort of makes the search useless if checking for birth dates.

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