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Duplicate Person notation not showing up in Descendant Box Chart

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Even though I have added the "reference to duplicate person" line for Duplicate people in Box contents, and have Reference to duplicate person at bottom set to (Duplicate), the line still doesn't show up for two people who appear in two different places on the chart (first cousins married each other - explains a LOT in the family...).


I even added an element (Lifespan) that I'm not using anywhere else in the chart to Duplicate People and it does not show up in either place they appear, so it appears VCF (TMG?) is not recognizing them as "duplicate people" here, even though the ID number is the same in both places.


Is it perhaps because in the first spot they appear, the female is listed in the top box and male in the indented spouse box, and later in the chart, the male is primary and female listed as spouse? (I think I may have just answered my own question here...)


Or, is there some other setting/tag that needs to be enabled for the Duplicate line to appear in one of the two places they are referenced in the chart?

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I have moved your chart topics to the VCF forum. A quick search of this forum does not turn up any previous topics on duplicate lines - but I did find a message in the TMG rootsweb archives here that might help. That message is a few years old - but there have been no changes in the VCF program since then.


To browse the forum and see all earlier messages, go to the dark blue bar at the top of the VCF forum, click on Custom and set that filter to 'All Topics' and a time frame of' 'Show All'. Tick 'Remember filters' and 'Update Filter'.



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The VCF definition of duplicate persons is confusing to many users - not as a user would expect - made easy for the programmer but not for the user.


A person is a duplicate if they are a child of a couple that has been shown already in the progression of creating that chart.


In other words, a person who is in a direct descendant line in one part of a chart, but who is then to be shown as the partner of a direct descendant in another part of the chart IS NOT A DUPLICATE. (Hence their children are seen as duplicates.)


Personally, I think this is not a good definition and have said so elsewhere.


There is another case that also gets missed by this "couple-based" rule. If an external person marries into the family, then later re-marries another descendant this DUPLICATION IS MISSED.


Both cases would be detected if the test was applied "Has this ID number been already processed?" and then the result would be as the user expects would result.

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