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Jim Byram

Missing exhibits (Carolyn)

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I lost your posts while moving them. I apologize.


We can continue in this topic.


The difference in backup filesizes is most likely that you included your exhibits in one and not in the other.


Since your exhibits are stored in a tree, it makes no point is including them in a TMG backup. TMG can backup the exhibit tree but cannot restore it and maintain the tree structure. For that reason, you should manage your exhibit tree outside of TMG.


How many exhibits have you added since restoring the project to TMG8? If the number is small, re-adding them might be the fastest path to recovering the exhibit links. If that's the case, I have another approach to fixing this.



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Here's what finally worked on the file with the 13,000+ exhibits. I reduced the list of folders to search in validate file integrity to just 10. That finally ran all the way through without getting hung up and stopping responding; it took 11 minutes. It found 200 of the 12,000+ missing files.


Before that I had tried to do all the folders for a single family (about 40) and it got hung up and stopped responding after finding 69 files.


So to get all my external exhibits back again, I'll have to do this about 50 times at 10 folders per try. I will try increasing the number from 10 up to 20 and see if it will still run all the way through. And I hope that after there are fewer exhibits missing, it will go a little faster.


Thanks for trying to help.


Carol whitton, CG

Vice-President for Programs,

St. Louis Genealogical Society

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