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Finding in which entry(s) a source is used.

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I have imported someone else's data to merge with mine and they have been using 'Source' for notes to show things like "he died of heart attack/ lived in Peckham" etc..


This shows up easily in the Master Source list and having spotted a misuse, I felt there should be away to go straight to that entry and amended it.


However I cannot find an easy way to show me in what entry, that source is used. Does anyone have an ideas?


Thanks for reading this


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Very easy, Andy,


Generate a List of Citations report, where the Subject(s) of the report is a Filtered group, and the Filter is:

Source Number // = Equals // [?] // END


When run, the "[?]" will cause the report to ask you for the specific source number. That report will give you all the entries where that source is cited.


You can either set the Report Options for a columnar report and specify what columns to output, or an Indented report which will probably output everything you need to identify the entry.

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