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Custom Tag Types after 8.02 Upgrade

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Earlier this week I did a clean install of 8.02 since I bought a new computer. After restoring my family tree, I've discovered that some custom tags I had created have disappeared and others have been renamed.


In particular I had created custom tags for censuses by year and by country, e.g., 1790 Census US, 1841 Census Scotland, etc., with customised sentences. All the US census tags are gone, and all the UK and Canada based censuses are now renamed Census 18411, Census 184111 and so on. When I edit the master tag type list, I see that the language default is English (US). If I change this to English (UK), all my customisations reappear, but when I click the OK button, the language reverts to English (US) and my change isn't saved.


Any ideas?

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It sounds like you have been using the UK edition, but installed the US edition on your new system. You can change the default language for Sentences by changing the Language on the File > Language menu to English(UK), and then you will see the Tag Type names as set in that language.

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