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TMG v8.03- double citation using F3

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I have upgraded to v8.03 without problems. But have noticed the following, repeatable hiccup.


1. Using keyboard shortcut to open a any tag

2. Fill in date, location

3. Use F4 to open citation box

4. Use F3 to repeat the last citation

5. Fill in surety

6. Use F9 to close

7. Two identical citations appear


If I create a new citation, only that citation appears.


If I delete one of the two identical citations and close the tag, then reopen the tag, no citations. If I just close the tag without deleting one of the identical citations, reopening only shows one citation.


The double citations only appear if I use F3 to use the last citation.


I have run optimize, validate file integrity, closed the program, re-booted. Still happening.



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The key is steps 4 and 5 and 6. You must use , you must add a surety value and you must use .


It's a refresh issue (the screen display), not a data issue since there aren't really two citations.


This issue should be fixed in v8.04.

Edited by Jim Byram

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