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Louis Forget

Accented Letters not Printing in French Researcher Info

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There seems to be a glitch in the manner in which TMG v8 handles accented letters in the Researcher information section in French language reports.

In printing a report (any kind, apparently) the Researcher information is printed without any accented letters. This is true of the labels stored in TMG as well as the data entered by the user. For example, the label "Prepared by:", which in French is "Préparé par:", comes out as "Prpar par:" and the label "Printed on:", "Imprimé le:" in French, comes out as "Imprim le:" (I have checked the French language strings, and the accented letters in these strings appear as they should). Also, if the name or address of the researcher contains accented letters, they are not printed. For example, "René" comes out as "Ren".

The problem seems to be limited to these strings. All the words with accented letters in my projects come out as they should.

The only other place where accented letters are not showing up is the Table of Content codes in a journal report opened in Word. Here the name of the generation (i.,e, First Generation... which is "Première génération" in French is correcty printed, but the code for the TOC reads "Premire gnration". I mention this for information only, as the actual printed strings are correct and the fact that the code is different is not a problem.

Can the glitch in the Researcher information be fixed?

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this is a known issue ("special characters are omitted") which is also true for other languages as well, like Norwegian - Swedish - German etc., and which has already been reported.

It should be fixed in a future version of TMG.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello Vera,


You stated that so-called "special characters are omitted" is "a known issue" for the Table of Contents and Researcher Information output. Where else in TMG v.8 (reports, etc.) have you experienced this problem?


Also, what other special hurdles must French and German users (in particular) face when attempting to successfully use this program.


Thanks so much for your reply.

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Hello Earl,


yes, for the time being this is an issue which will however be fixed in a future version of TMG.


[Just for completeness: The other thread dealing with it is:

http://www.whollygen...showtopic=14244 ]


Another important aspect is that we only talk about characters being part of ANSI since TMG doesn't support Unicode.

With special regard to German I provided a workaround how to circumvent this inconvenience in the topic above.


Anyway, as far as I can tell only the Researcher Info, being included in report outputs, is affected and not the Table of Contents. I just tested the latter and don't see any issue there. In case you may see anything different, please provide an example.




As to the second part of your question:


Also, what other special hurdles must French and German users (in particular) face when attempting to successfully use this program.


the shortened answer is: there's nothing special such users have to "face" that English users don't face. :)


In order to use any program successfully a user needs to understand the program's "characteristics/basics". While TMG supports various languages, TMG's "native language" is English. Almost each non-English user will for sure immediately switch TMG's interface language to any of the supported languages (in case he/she didn't even install TMG in any other supported language besides English). When doing so -i.e. to German- TMG informs the user:




Please pay special attention to what it says in the second and the third paragraph.


Included translations to Dutch, Norwegian and German are at a stage close to 100%. This i.e. includes: interface, prompts, warnings, tag types, sentences, roles, reminders, styles....

Meantime TMG's Help file is also available in Dutch since TMGv8.04, but only if the user installs TMG in Dutch!

Another 'TMG part' which is available in English only is VCF (Visual Chart Form).


In order to help German TMG users -in particular- a number of pages/articles of 'Terry's TMG Tips' have been translated to German. While those translations were done quite some time back, the basics still apply in order to understand how the program works and to make successful use of it. Besides that there's a special German TMG user group on Yahoo (group language is German).


From my long-standing support experience with special regard to German users it seems to be some kind of special challenge for a number of them to make use of sources since TMG does i.e. not include "German source templates."


Did that answer your question or did you have anything else in mind?

Edited by Vera Nagel

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Vera, thank you for your very complete reply.


Actually, I am a long-time user of TMG, since v.4, and I know the program fairly well. I migrated much of my genealogy away from TMG during the last 18 months due to frustrating issues with v.7 and have not upgraded to v.8. However, I still have so much supporting data, as well as references and witnesses for one branch of a family only in TMG I have yet to move, that I still use TMG regularly.


Although I have been more than a little afraid to upgrade to TMG v.8 because of the numerous installer issues that appear all over the message boards, in addition to some fundamental "known issues," I will probably get it when this particular issue is fixed in a future release. (I can wait for Wholly Genes to write a program that produces reports with people's names and place names spelled correctly.)


Best regards,



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