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Duplicate People in Report, how to choose primary

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I am creating a book, the number of descendants is approximately over 8,000

There are marriages between cousins. I want the report to follow the male/father lineage first, the wife/mother second. For example, William married his cousin Mary. The report lists the children under Mary's name, with all of the information. William is also listed in the report, and the children are highlighted as duplicates with a note to see their numbers under Mary's name.

I want the children & information to be listed under William as the primary person, I don't even care if it is listed under Mary's name.


My apologies if this has been answered before, I did search the forums for some help.

Is there any way to force a report to make William the primary person for the listing of the children & their information?


thank you for your time,


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Robin -


I looked around for a specific answer to your question and could not find anything either. The closest I could find was in the TMG Rootsweb mailing list archives here:



There are many long-time users on the TMG Rootsweb mailing list and you may want to pose your question there to see if someone has come up with a workaround of some sort.


Subscribe to the TMG Rootsweb mailing list:



TMG Rootsweb mailing list archives by month:



Search TMG Rootsweb mailing list archives:



Hope this helps -



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Thank you very much for the link. It didn't answer the question, but at least let me know that I am not alone. Not sure if there is a work around, but will certainly keep looking.



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