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Jim Byram

Windows 8 (N and KN versions) and msdxm.ocx

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Robert Jacobs wrote:


Because I was only able to procure one license for each, I installed Windows 8 Pro on my desktop machine and the “N” version on my laptop. The N version is the European Union required setup. It excludes the media player and all its associated files.


I was working with TMG 8.04 on my laptop this afternoon and attempted to change the properties of an external image exhibit. Instead of the usual TMG8 properties screen I got a file search box for msdxm.ocx. On closing or cancelling this box I got the abort/ignore/retry error message. My first thought was that I had to reinstall TMG8, which I did to no avail. Then I searched the laptop for msdxm.ocx. It was not present. It does appear in two versions (32 & 64) and four different directories on my desktop machine. A couple of these directories are buried deep in the system and had very long and ungainly names.


The easiest fix is to install the Windows media player. This is obtainable free from a Microsoft site:


Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8



After installation, TMG8 runs properly.


This will affect few U.S. users, but some European users of Windows 8 will probably have this problem. I hope this information is helpful.

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Please do not reply to this topic. Any replies will be deleted. Start a new topic in the The Master Genealogist v8 forum if you need to discuss this issue.

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