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Jim Byram

Windows 8 - OCX registration issue

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This issue should not occur with TMG v8.05 and later.




When you try to run TMG8 for the first time after installing under the Windows 8 RTM and try to open a project, you get the attached error message (see below).

The RegisterControl.log shows three registration failures.

On my desktop, the issue resolved itself after a few hours.

On my notebook, I couldn't find a solution.

When the error occurs, there is a work-around (each time that you run TMG8). You right-click on the TMG8 shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. You can now open projects after TMG8 starts up.

This is a real issue (caused by some change in the operating system) and it should be fixed in TMG v8.05. With the fix, you will no longer need to use 'Run as administrator' for TMG8 to be able to open projects.


(I did not encounter this issue with my TMG7 installations under Windows 8.)

Please do not reply to this topic. Any replies will be deleted. Start a new topic in the The Master Genealogist v8 forum if you need to discuss this issue.


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