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Windows 8: re-install TMG V8

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro version and had to re-install TMG V8. The original V8.0 install correctly.

I then updated to V8.04 and this upgrade failed (no reboot between the install and the upgrade install)

I then attempted to re-install V8.0 but this would not go past the installer screen where you click Update.

I finally managed to get V8.0 to work by deleting the TMG V8 folder under ...\program Files (x86) (this only had 1 pdf file in it.

However, when attempting to re-install the V8.04 update it again failed and it had deleted all the files out of the \Program Files (x86) folder.

I have now just re-installed V8.0.


Anyone else out there having similar problems and if so any solutions?


(Note: I have tried the install with Norton 360 Firewall and Anti Virus turned off - this did not work either. Installing as either a user or Administrator also makes no difference).

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