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"Blanks for Missing Data"‏ not working correctly in Journal Report

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I first posted this problem on 2 Apr 2012 but have never recieved a response so I thought I would try again to see if this can be fixed in ver 8.05.


When printing a Journal Report and going to miscellaneous and selecting "Blanks for Missing Data" either the options under "Tags: Abbreviated Events for children" is not working properly or the Help description needs to be changed to reflect the way it works.


The Help description says:

2. You can choose which of the four BMDB events are to be included in the

abbreviated narrative, or even have none print, leaving just the names.


It is not true that you can have none print, leaving just the names in the "Abbreviated Events for Children", when "Blanks for Missing Data" is used. You always get a line with blanks for birth and marriage events even when they are not selected. The death and burial events do not print as the help menu suggests and in fact will not print even when you select them.. There is no way you can get "none" to print. What is even more annoying is that the blank lines print when in fact the data is not blank. I selected "Blanks for missing data" not blanks for birth and marriage tags for which data exists. An example is shown from the Sample data base in which I have selected none.



Children of Frank Alexander and Mary Catherine Keebler were as follows: "Abbreviated Events for Children"


3 ii. Lula Elizabeth Alexander born __ ___ ____ at _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________ _______________. Married ____________________, son of ____________________ and ____________________, on __ ___ ____ at _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________ _______________.




3. Lula Elizabeth2 Alexander (Frank1).3,3,3,2 Buried __ ___ ____ at _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________ _______________. Her married name was Baldwin. She was born on 13 Mar 1865 at Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee (at the time of her birth, Yankee troops occupied Elizabethton. When mother and child were able to travel, father Frank Alexander took his family to Marion, Virginia).3,8


Lula Elizabeth Alexander married Robert Moore Baldwin on 22 Jul 1885 at Union, Smyth County, Virginia. Frank Alexander performed the ceremony.


Lula Elizabeth Alexander and Robert Moore Baldwin had six children.


Lula Elizabeth Alexander died on 18 Oct 1954 at Richmond, Virginia, at age 89.


The ":Blanks for missing Data" works correctly in the person report but not in the "Abbreviated Events for Children". If you do select the birth and marriage to print under "Abbreviated Events for Children" you do get the correct information


I might also mention that it would be nice when "Blanks for Missing Data" appear in a persons narrative where I expect them, if the blanks could be in the order of Birth, Marriage, Death and Burial. When all I have is a birth date the order is usually Buried, Married, Died. It takes a lot of work to have to delete all the erroneous blank entries and rearrange the missing data when preparing a report to send to a relative in the hopes of getting some of the blanks filled.


Bill Richards

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Thank You Jim. The only other response I have had was someone agreeing with the problem on the message board.

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