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Master Source List window - add a column?

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I want to add another column of information to the Master Source List window. Is that possible? Will help me sort all the sources so I can see which ones are "wills" and make a correction to earlier errors.


I know I can see the type if I use the MORE but that won't let me sort the entire list in type order.

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The Master Source List can only sort by Source Number, Abbreviation, Title, Default Surety, and Cited, in either the MORE or LESS mode. There is no option to sort by Type. That would probably make a good "wish" for a future version.


However, you can run a List of Sources report in Columnar mode, include the Source Type as one of the columns, and sort by that column. I would probably include the source number as an output colum, and use that as the secondary sort. Then you could open the Master Source List sorted by source number and work through the sources desired.



Hope this gives you ideas,




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