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Jim Byram

TMG v8.05 and the changed Role Design

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Summary: TMG v8.05 includes a major redesign of how roles are stored in the database. This will fix the role issues that have been an ongoing problem with TMG8.


1) Roles are tag type properties. (just like in TMG7)
2) Roles are now identified by an internal label that you won't see.
3) Role variables in sentences and memos will be stored using this internal label.
4) Role names are for display and lookup. They are only recorded in the tag type properties.
-- Role lookup is by 1) tag type 2) language 3) role
5) You can record a role name in the tag type properties using any case that you wish. The role name can be recorded as Something or sOmething or somethinG.

6) You can only have one role name in the same language in a tag type using the same combination of letters. You can't have two different role names Something and somethinG in the same language in the same tag type.

6a) Each language is different. In one tag type, you can have the same role name spelling with the same (or different) capitalization in a different language:

-- English (U.S.) - Something

-- Dutch - Something


6b) Just to note... Since roles are tag type properties, you can have the same role name spelling/capitatization in different tag types. Roles in one tag type have nothing to do with roles in any different tag type.
In English (U.S.), for example, you could have:
-- Divorce - Child or child or chilD
-- Divorce Filing - Child or child or chilD
-- Naturalization - Child or child or chilD
7) Role name lookup is case insensitive. When entering role variables in sentences or memos, if you mistype the role name capitalization, the correct role will be found.
8) If you enter a role name in a role variable and misspell it, you won't be able to save the sentence or memo screen until the role name is corrected.
9) You should always use the right-click menu to add role variables to a sentence or memo. That way, you won't have any misspellings.
10) Any project with the new role structure will be structurally different from earlier versions. Projects from earlier TMG versions will be updated to the new structure. (And as with all new TMG versions having a structural change, projects from v8.05 and later cannot be opened by earlier versions of TMG.)
11) Because of the role redesign, the file structure of tag types (and, by extension, tag type export files) changes with TMG v8.05. A tag type export file created with TMG v8.04 may only be imported into TMG v8.04 and earlier TMG8 versions. A tag type export file created in TMG v8.05 may only be imported into TMG v8.05 and later versions. You will not be able to import into TMG v8.05 a tag type export file created by TMG v8.04 and earlier.
Validate File Integrity: With this design change, VFI can be used with no problem.
Second Site: Second Site will be updated to deal the structural changes in TMG v8.05.
You can reply to this topic in regard to this message if clarifications or additions are required. Any reply will be deleted after I read it.
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