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Exhibits in citations

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Why is it that when a scan/image is uploaded to a citation it does not show up on that person's exhibit log unless "a citation" is clicked on focus; and then all of the images uploaded as citations appear? Is there a way to upload an image under citation and have that image appear along with all other images in that person's exhibit log?


Thanks - Chris

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I don't know, Chris, but I am guessing it is because the exhibit is attached to the citation and not to the event. Maybe the program considers exhibits attached to a citation to really be more associated with the source and not the person?


I have not bothered to attach exhibits to citations in my projects, but find attaching them to events more useful to me. Event exhibits also seem to have more output options. That is the "work around" that I would recommend.


Of course, you could "also" attach the exhibit directly to the person or event if you wished. If the exhibit is external that does not create a duplicate copy of the exhibit, only a duplicate pointer.


Sorry I don't have a better answer, Chris.

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