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Add a tag (son - bio) (daug - bio)

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I get the following error message when using the above tags:

Property RNETYPEOLD is not found. 136 FRMTTL.CMDOK.CLICK

When I hit RETRY I get the error
When I hit IGNORE everything seems to work fine.
When I hit ABORT:
TMG is disabled.
The menu bar is disables with a few unhelpful items still functioning not including BACKUP.
The X in the right hand corner is greyed out.
All new work is lost
Can only close the program using the Task Manager.

Using IGNORE seems to bbe a workaround until the problem is fixed.

Using the workaround, I noticed that the surname does not appear in the surname position, it must be manually entered. I assume this is part of the error.

I'm using Win XP SP3 with all the updates and TMG v8.07
Using a Dell Latitude D830 with all up to date drivers, USB Flash Drive for the TMG data files

Any help would be appreciated.

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You asked the same question on the TMG-L list, where you were also informed of the update earlier this morning. We are the same users volunteering to answer questions on both these venues. It is usually sufficient to only ask once.

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