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Helmut Leininger

User defined Name/Place styles

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Sorry, Helmut, I do not know of a way to do this directly. Even exporting a Name tag type which has the style as its default style does not export the style.


I have not tried the following, but believe this might work?

  • Add a dummy person to the project which has the styles you want.
  • Add some tags which actually use both the name and place styles you want to that person.
  • Run a List of People report, selecting only this one person, and use Secondary Output to create a new project of that one person.
  • Merge that one-person project with your other project.
  • Merge the one-person dataset into that main project.
  • Now delete that one person, and the one-person dataset.

I think??? that will import the styles, but I have not tried it. At least it is worth a test.

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Hi Michael,


Your idea is working. I tried it with a slight modification: I deleted the person already in the one person project, before merging it with the target project. After merging the two datasets in the target project, the styles appear and may be used.



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