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TMG in Spanish

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I can't speak to WG's plans to provide Spanish translations, but I would note that if you are comfortable with the interface being in English, producing Spanish output is an achievable objective for a user.


To do so you would have to create a Spanish language, but you would only have to populate those words and phrases actually used in your report output. Typically that would include the names of months; modifiers like before, after, circa; conjunctions like in or at; and a few phrases like "son of." That's a pretty simple task. Then you would have to translate the Sentences of those Tag Types you use when those Sentences contain English words, and any Source Types you use whose Templates include English words. It's not a huge task.


The task gets a bit more complicated if you intend to output both in Spanish and English or another language, just as it does for anyone intending to output in more than one language. Issues include the need to enter any Memo text in both languages, and dealing with place names that are spelled differently in the two languages.


There are some articles on my website about using Languages in TMG.

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