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TMG 8.08 Adding Roles to a witness

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I am adding some Census tags for 1901.


My 1901 Census Tag Type has all the normal roles, Head, Wife, Son, Daughter etc, which is great - and I know I can add more by editing that tag Type.


The way I use it is a set up a tag entry of that type and I set up principle one as head, and principle 2 as wife, then add all the children as witnesses, but changing the witness role to son/daughter as appropriate (or niece nephew etc).


My problem is that although the Cen 1901 tag type has roles for Son and daughter - when adding a witness to that tag, via the "Edit Witness" form the "Son" role doesn't exists.


That is ok, because the last entry is <new>


So I click <new> and try and add a role of son, but it says son exists already for the cen 1901 tag type - which I agree it does, however son is not in the role drop down list of the Edit witness form.


So at the moment I am having to add all my sons as witness.


Did I explain that ok?


All the best



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Thanks for the reply.


The son role was checked, and in fact I could use it if I wanted to add it to a principle, it was just missing from the witness roles.


I did play with adding and removing roles though and at some point the son kicked in. I still do not know what happened, but the good news is that it is working now.


Thanks for the reply though


All the best



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