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SkyDrive with TMG8

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I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 8. My desktop uses Windows 7. I had no difficulty installing v8 on my laptop but wasn't sure how to transfer my project to my laptop. I wanted to have the program available on both computers with my project (I only have one project).


I found good instructions for copying projects and for using DropBox with TMG. However my new laptop has SkyDrive already and the reviews are better for SkyDrive than DropBox. I followed the DropBox directions, for the most part, to copy my project to the SkyDrive folder on my desktop.


My questions are:


When I copied the project, it appeared as one item initially. In the SkyDrive folder there are many files. Is that normal?


Both copies appear to update as they are supposed to do--however I am concerned that I may not have done this process correctly. I am not a novice computer user but this technology is a little over my head.


My assumption is that I now have two copies of this project on my desktop--is that correct?


I would appreciate any assistance from someone who has experience with this so that I feel comfortable with what I have done.


Thanks for any help.



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I am also using Skydrive, but only for backup purposes. When I have to eventually use a different machine, the 1st step is a restore, and the last a backup.


I am not confident enough to keep the actual data files on the Skydrive folder, but I would like to hear from more experienced users.

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Robyn -


A project contains over 100 files. The .pjc file is a single file in a project.


It is recommended that your project files _not_ be synced with Dropbox or SkyDrive. Doing so risks losing data. Your backup .sqz file may be stored on those programs.



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I would strongly echo Virginia's comments. If you have your entire project (some 80-100+ separate files) in a folder being maintained by SkyDrive or Dropbox, they will try to syncronize "some" of these files while the program is running. This could easily confuse the coordination among these 80-100+ some files and cause TMG problems. It is highly recommended to have the project in a local folder which is not being maintained by these programs. Instead, in the TMG Preferences specify the folder to hold your Backup files as a folder being maintained by these programs. Backup creates a single file (a .SQZ file) and thus when you do a TMG Backup to that folder, once written these programs will sync that one file. Now when you want to work on the other computer, just restore from the latest sync'd backup file and continue, and when done do a Backup.

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Sorry, Robyn,


Change my suggestion above. I just did a Search concerning Dropbox. Some Dropbox users have had a problem with specifying the TMG Backup folder as a Dropbox controlled folder. It sometimes tries to sync that file while it is being written and you get a bad sync'd file. The safest recommendations seem to be using the following process:


When you wish to begin a TMG session:

  • Copy the latest single TMG .SQZ backup file from a Dropbox/SkyDrive folder to the TMG Backup folder.
  • Open TMG and restore that Backup.
  • Do your editing.
  • When done, create a new Backup into the TMG Backup folder, and exit TMG.
  • Copy that new .SQZ file to the Dropbox/SkyDrive folder so it can be synchronized.

Hope this helps,

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