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Corrupted custom tag?

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I am having a problem with a custom tag, with just one of my three projects in TMG 8.08, and it didn't appear until recently. When I try to enter data into a custom "Obituary" tag (that I created a long time ago in Version 7 or earlier), I get the message: "Variable 'LAROLES' is not found. 61 FRMEVENTS.MCREATEROLES2". Then trying to back out of these tag boxes, I get messages "Operator/operand type mismatch 4 FRMEVENTS.CMDCANCEL.CLICK" or "Operator/operand type mismatch 5 FRMEVENTS.CNTPARENTCHILD1.MVALIDATE". I keep clicking Abort, Try, and Ignore until I eventually get to a box with this message: "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN." Then I can only get out of TMG by hitting Control-Alt-Delete and aborting it with Task Manager. (ESCape key does not work).


I have also noticed that on at least two of my individuals in this project, their death tags have lost their Primary designation, and within their obituary tags, where it should say "Principal" near the top of the tag data entry box it says ".F. " The drop-down list of options in that box, instead of Principal and other roles, has a long list of many ".F."s, and the option "New" at the bottom of the list.


My custom made "Funeral" tag is not showing a similar problem.


I checked and made sure I am not showing cue cards, and have "Allow Multiple Monitors" turned off. I have done all the maintenance things (optimize, reindex, file validitation, etc.) to no effect. Have tried this many times since last night, restarting my machine in between, and it's really stuck in this loop. But my other two projects seem fine--so far. Can you help?

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mstone, I notice you never got a reply to your problem. Were you able to resolve it? I get the same message but mine is not in connection with a custom tag. I have TMG v9 installed on my desktop and my laptop. I get the error when I try to add a tag from my laptop. Also, when I make changes to an existing citation, it desn't show. I believe this error has something to do with write permissions from the laptop to the project stored on the desktop, but I have no idea how to solve it!!

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