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  1. Check for Duplicate People

    Well, I did a validate and an optimize then ran the duplicates again and I'm still getting the same thing. Next idea??
  2. Check for Duplicate People

    No, haven't ever done an optimize. I'll have to read up on it and give it and try and see if that helps. Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response!! Have a great day!!
  3. Check for Duplicate People

    I'm running v 9.03 on Windows 7. When I run "check for duplicate people" I get combinations that make no sense. I ran this once before and the combinations were logical. Not this time. I get things like Katherine Elizabeth Jones, b 1975, id 852 as a duplicate to Mary Frances Smith, b 1834, id 47. There's no rhyme or reason - one is one side of the family and the other is from the other side. And all the duplicates listed are similar to this. Help, please!! Thank you!
  4. Jim, mea culpa. I do not think the error is with the installation. The program works fine using the local project on both computers. When I was working with v8 I ran into similar issues until I discovered I had to do the complete path, i.e., \\computer\user\owner\documents\TMG\projects\file. I have tried that; I have tried the file/open, as Terry suggested; I have tried a mapped drive. None of these paths work. I'm sure I am not the only one who accesses a project file from a remote device. With v8 it took a couple of calls to Wholly Genes to find a solution. I reposted thinking the exact error code might be beneficial in finding a solution.
  5. Corrupted custom tag?

    mstone, I notice you never got a reply to your problem. Were you able to resolve it? I get the same message but mine is not in connection with a custom tag. I have TMG v9 installed on my desktop and my laptop. I get the error when I try to add a tag from my laptop. Also, when I make changes to an existing citation, it desn't show. I believe this error has something to do with write permissions from the laptop to the project stored on the desktop, but I have no idea how to solve it!!
  6. Getting re-started with TMG

    Teri, Why do you need a mapped drive? Why not just use the File > Open command from the laptop, navigate over the network to the copy of the Project on the desktop, and open it? Terry, thanks for your reply. I tried that and have the same issue. I was finally able to post this under "Is it possible to have TMG on several devices" I have the error code listed there.
  7. Hi, Terry. I just posted on another forum then found this one. You say: If the devices will all remain connected by a local network you can put the data on one device, and access it over the network from the others. That is easy to do I keep my data on my desktop then write remotely from my laptop. With v8 I had to show the full path to the desktop, i.e., \\computername\users\owner\documents\TMG8\projects\file We now have v9 on both computers and my old way doesn't work. I have mapped drives to documents, to TMG9, and to projects and none of those work either. When I try to add a tag I get: "Variable 'LAROLES' is not found. 61 FRMEVENTS.MCREATEROLES2" and when I try to change information, it doesn't take. HELP, please!!! Thank you much!!
  8. Getting re-started with TMG

    I'm sure this is not the correct place for this question but it's the only place I've found where I can do a submission!! I have v.9 TMG on my desktop - which I use as the master for my data - and my laptop. With V.8 I could direct the path on my laptop to the desktop (\\compname\users\owner\...) and write to the project file on the desktop. I have tried that with v9 and it doesn't work. I have tried a mapped drive to the Documents folder on the desktop, a mapped drive to The Master Genealogist folder, and a mapped drive to the projects file. None of them work. What do I need to do to set this up so I can write to the project stored on the desktop? Thanks!!