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Can 'SKS' help me with exporting file, TMG8 update crash

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I was wondering if someone would be able to help me.

I recently tried updating my TMG8 to v8.08 and lets just say that was an epic failure. After contacting tech, and wiping out everything but my data directory(silly me deleted my gedcom backup directory), I have no access to my data.

I was wondering if I sent my data to someone if they could export it to PAF or Gedcom. I need access to my family and must switch products at this time.


I have three projects and would be willing to send three seperate zip files.


Is this even possible,


Joe Wilson

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Joe -


Have you checked your Recycle Bin (wastebasket icon on your desktop) for your GEDCOM backup folder? If that icon is not on your desktop, click Start and type in 'Recycle Bin'. If the folder you want is in the bin, rightclick on it to Restore it.



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Have checked the bin and trial version, have gone through Tech Support and have not heard anything yet, they have all install logs and everything. I just need to get these files to a different program. I have been using TMG for around 8 years now, and love it, just need access to my data.



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