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  1. Nevermind, I spent the better part of my morning deleting every shred of evidence pertaining to TMG and got it to install. Thanks anway Joe
  2. Virginia, Have checked the bin and trial version, have gone through Tech Support and have not heard anything yet, they have all install logs and everything. I just need to get these files to a different program. I have been using TMG for around 8 years now, and love it, just need access to my data. Joe
  3. I was wondering if someone would be able to help me. I recently tried updating my TMG8 to v8.08 and lets just say that was an epic failure. After contacting tech, and wiping out everything but my data directory(silly me deleted my gedcom backup directory), I have no access to my data. I was wondering if I sent my data to someone if they could export it to PAF or Gedcom. I need access to my family and must switch products at this time. I have three projects and would be willing to send three seperate zip files. Is this even possible, Joe Wilson
  4. Exhibits and PDF's

    Hey Kevin, Thanks for the tip, but what happens when you want to generate a report? Obviously you lose the exhibit unless you manualy go find it and include it in the report.? I may be lazy but for me that's a lot of documents. Joe
  5. Exhibits and PDF's

    I was just wondering if anyone had any input as to whether or not TMG should include the option to have exhibits as PDF's. I personally archive a lot of my material in a PDF format and using it as an exhibit would be helpful,(ie: scanned images such as census, BMD's and the like). Maybe if enough other user's felt the same we could get this filetype added to the exhibit list? Joe Ontario, Canada