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Adding a tombstone picture

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How do I add a tombstone picture so it does not show up as the main picture for an individual when it is the only picture I have for that person?


How do I add a tombstone picture and link it for the husband and wife?


Thanks in advance a newbie learning this new awesome program.

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If you don't want it to be the main image for a person, you can attach to in event instead of the person. Open the event Tag and click the camera icon at the upper right side of the Tag Entry screen. It might seem natural to add it to the Death or Burial Tag.


To attach an image to two people, attach it to a Tag in which both people are entered. However this cannot be the Death Tag and is not likely to be a Burial Tag, so you would have to use another Tag for it. I created a custom Tag Type for images with a Sentence of only [:NP:] so the normal period that would end the output of the Tag doesn't show in Narrative reports.


I attach all my images to these custom Tag Types so I can use the Sort Date to position the image as I like within a narrative. This is useful if you output as a web site using Second Site, especially when you have long narratives for a person.


You may find another approach better suited if you prefer non-narrative style output.

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