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Graham J

Reporing place information from an other event tag

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I have created customised event tags for census information and wish to create reports on individuals place location in that tag. I don't seem to have the choice to identify places from these tags.


For example my tag for the 1841 census is 1841-cens and has place information and sentences included. I don't seem to be able create a report by individual with data from this tag.


I would greatly appreciate how I can getover this obstacle.


Many thanks


i am using v8.


Best wishes



Graham Jervis

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I'm not quite sure what you have in mind. Are you thinking of a report that lists events and the places they occurred?


If so, you might try a List of Events Report. Use a filter like:

Principal 1... ID#... = Equals ...123 ... OR

Principal 2... ID#... = Equals ...123 ... OR

Any Witness... ID#... = Equals ...123 ... END


(this last only if you want to include events in which the person was a Witness)


Then in Options set the Columns to whatever you want to display. I'd think you want Date (and sort on that) Tag Type Label and the Place, either as a separate column or in parts.

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Graham -


What information do you want in this report - the info in the sentences and/or the data in the place fields?


Do you want a tabular report or a narrative report?


Do you use Witnesses for the people listed in the Census or do you use Copy Tag to give each person in the census their own census tag?



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