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Danny Bayne

Chronological ordering of tags in details

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I would like to know how to change the order in which the tags are listed in the details window. If I cannot change this order, then how can I get the individual narrative report to output the narrative in chronological order of the events?

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Danny -


If you are using TMG v8 -


Rightclick in the Details view / Show columns / Sort Date. You have the option to show either Date or Sort Date or Both.
If you are using TMG v7 -
Go to Preferences / Tag Box where you have the option to display either Date or Sort Date.

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Hi Danny,


By default all the tags in the details window are already listed in chronological order. The Sort Date field is an added, non-printing, optional field which is generally only needed if you do not have an actual Date to enter for the event, or want the events in an order other than what would automatically be produced by the Date value. The events are actually sorted chronologically in the details window using the Sort Date, but normally the Sort Date is automatically identical to the Date, but you can change that if you wish by entering something else in the Sort Date. That is its purpose.


By the way, since it is a special field, you must be in "Advanced" data entry mode to be able to access it and enter something other than the automatic copy of the Date value. See "File / Preferences / Program Options / Data Entry" and be sure the Mode is set to Advanced.

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