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Diane Hosler

Focus Groups missing spouses

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Hi Diane,


Not sure what your question is? Are you saying that a Focus Group you created doesn't have some spouses in it when you expect them to be there? What actions did you take to add them to the Focus Group?

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Diane -


You may have run into a common error when setting up a Focus Group. Note that any selection you make in the Focus Group - like Add Spouses - will only affect people in the focus group who are selected/highlighted at the time.


So, before clicking on Add Spouses, use 'Select All' to highlight everyone - if it is your wish to add spouses to everyone.


There is a video here that shows the sequence.


1 - I added Frank Alexander. He is highlighted( yellow).

2 - He is still highlighted. I added his descendents.

3 - I wanted all the spouses. I highlighted the entire group and added the spouses.


If that is not the problem, let us know.



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