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Perfect sizing for PE image

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The coolest thing we can do in the PE window is add an image. I love changing mine with the holidays, but you could use your children, grandchildren, great grandmother, etc. But you want the image to be the right size. Other wise, you won't see all of it, or you will see part of the PE window background.

Here are some simple directions to get your image the exact size.


First open TMG and get the Project Explorer (PE) window the size you want it. Save your new layout.

Now you will need to PRINT SCREEN the image. On my computer this is done by holding down the shift key and the PNT SCR key.

Now open an imaging software. I use IRFANVIEW since it’s the easiest to do this task. Paste the image into the IRFANVIEW software. With your cursor in the UPPER LEFT hand corner of the Project Explorer image window, drag the cursor to the BOTTOM RIGHT hand corner. Cut that out and paste it into a new window. This will tell you how large an area the PE window is in Pixels.

Now you know exactly how large to make your image you want to use in the PE window. Resize your image to fit the PE windows dimentions as closely as possible.

Now go to the PE window and right click. This will take you to the PREFERENCES window where you can tell TMG to find your saved image. You may have to resize the PE window slightly to get it to fit the finished image. Don’t forget to save the new layout if you do.

Now your image will fit perfectly in the PE window at least until you resize the PE window. :)

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