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Restore from Backup changes settings.

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Have a problem,


When I restore from a backup it will changes all the settings i "Advanced" all the file path are changes back to default. Why?


When I Restore, I uncheck "Use the default path for Ext, exhibits" and correct the path I use and the same with "Configuration_Files" and "Timeline"

When I come to step 4 Options, I see that the checkbox for "Preferences > Program options" are greyed out and the cursor tips says "This item can't be restored for current version".


I use version 9.01 and the backup are from Version 9.01, so it should not be any different there. So why should I have to change every time the file path when I restore the backup. The filepath are the same om my PC and the PC the backup came from.


Hope someone have the answear to solve this problem.



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