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E Wilcock

Please Tempt Me

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I continue to use TMG much as I did 10 years ago.

I did with some difficulty use add multiple people in Version 7 to add children shown on a census record to a family - but I dont think I have made use of any other new facilities.


Would any of the experts or enthusiasts on this Forum like to suggest their two or three favourite new things from versions 8 and 9, so I and other less expert users can try them out and benefit from the upgrade.



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My favorites in TMG 9:


- The new "Subject" Sentence Variables which allow me to easily use first names for Witnesses, and to generate "his," "her" and other pronouns with variables without having to type them into the Sentence in separate male and female Sentences.


- The ability to "Preview" Citations from the Citation Screen. It's useful in checking your work when you use the new feature to add a Source from the Citation screen, but also gives you a way to quickly see the details from a citation added long ago. For example, if I want to find the date of an old book I've cited, I don't have to go to the Source Definition screen, but can see it from the Citation screen of any Tag that cites it.


- The new feature that lets me define a new Source from the Citation screen. I thought I'd not use this since I often copy existing Sources instead of typing them from scratch, but I find for some simple types of sources creating them from the Citation screen is easier.


- The new "last name" Sentence Variables.


In TMG 8:


- The report writer can send reports to file on 64-bit systems, and shows footnotes in Screen Preview.


- The ability to color code Tag labels, so I can easily find commonly used Tags like birth, marriage, census, and death, and special Tag Types I use for formatting my website in Second Site.


- The addition of Role Variables to the right-click in Sentence and Memo fields, so you can enter them easily and not mis-spell them.


- The ability to show both Date and Sort Date columns in the Details View.


- In Tags with two Principals, you can assign one a custom Role without having the Role of the other change.


- The fact that Role Variables are checked when you exit Sentence and Memo fields so you can't leave the field with a mis-spelled variable and thus get no output from that Tag.


- The F3 repeat feature now works in Sentence fields.


Others will no doubt have different lists, but these are the ones I find most useful.

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Thanks Terry - Many apologies for not thanking you sooner. I had a break with no computer, and thus the delay.


I will work through the list, using your book and site, will force my old brain to sort out what some of the words mean and try every one.

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