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Registration issue

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I downloaded a trial version of 9.01. When that expired, I purchased the Gold US version unlock key on March 30, 2014. I put the key in and it says that TMG was successfully unlocked and everything seems fine. I can close the program and then immediately re-enter the program with no problem. If I wait a couple of days, then when I try to enter TMG the expired trial version message comes up again and I have to re-enter the unlock code and all of the other registration info.


What do I need to do, to make this problem go away?



Ruth Ann

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Ruth Ann -


Try this: Rightclick on your desktop TMG icon, select Run as Administrator and enter your registration information in TMG. Do this only one time and see if TMG retains the key.



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Hi Ruth Ann,


Welcome to the Forum.


Virginia's suggestion should remove your requirement to continually re-register.


Unfortunately, this is not a TMG issue but a Win8 "feature". The technical explanation is that Win8 periodically scrubs user registration info, such as TMG's, from the Win8 registry VirtualStore. It only keeps such info if it was stored while running as Administrator. But be sure to follow Virginia's directions to login as your normal user and then "Right Click" on the TMG icon to "Run as Administrator". There is a difference between that and logging in as Administrator to run the program, which you do not want to have to do.


And feel free to ask any questions about TMG. We fellow users of TMG will be glad to try to help.

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