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How to combine a split family

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You don't say which screen you are seeing this in, but I assume you mean you have some children showing in the Children window with on the father as focus of the Details view, and the same but also additional children showing when the mother is the focus. Is that it?


You fix that by adding parent/child Relationship Tags to connect the father with each of the additional children. There are a couple of ways to do that, but the easiest way is this:


1. Note the ID number of the father.


2. Make the mother the focus, and from there change the focus to one of the children who does not show when the father is the focus.


3. At the top of the Details View of that child, double-click on the Father label to open the parent/child Relationship Tag. Enter the father's ID# in the top spot in that Tag, and close the tag.


4. Change the focus to another child who does not appear with the father and repeat. (This time instead of typing in the ID# you can press F3 (Repeat) to recall the father's ID# from the previous time).


5. Repeat for all the other children who are not connected to the father.

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