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Trouble loading older ver on Win8.1

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I have been running TMG7 on my laptop using Win7. I bought TMG5 originally and upgraded to 6 and then in 2009 upgraded to TMG7. I recently bought a new Win8.1 laptop and tried to install TMG. Because I was running on an upgrade license, I had to start with TMG5 and then upgrade to get to 7. I installed TMG5 from the CD. When I tried to run it, it started OK but when I tried to load the SAMPLE DB, I got this error message:


"TList 6.5 ActiveX Control - This application was written using TList6/Pro that is not supported under this Operating System environment, please contact the application developer for further information and provide the exact text of this message as well as the version of the Windows you are running.

(Then it lists contact info) Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc; 50 Jericho Tpke, Jeriicho, NY 11753; "


How do I get to install TMG7 on my Win8.1 system if I can't get TMG 5 to work?

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There is no thing as an upgrade licence. What you are saying is that you paid an upgrade price. Each version has it's own license. So you have no need to install TMG5. If you have registration information for TMG7, all you need to do is to install TMG7 and unlock it.


There will be some issues to get everything working correctly with TMG7. See the pinned topics at the top of this forum and, particularly, the topic on getting the PDF driver to work.


I'm running TMG7 under Windows 8.1 Update 1 and it is working perfectly. Since my system is 64-bit, I have no word processing output with TMG7.


You can download the TMG v7.04 installer here if you need it.


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