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Locate msdxm.ocx

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Since moving to TMG 9 I have been experiencing a problem when looking at the properties of any photos from within the Exhibit log.


If I select an image/exhibit and right mouse click and select PROPERTIES I get a "LOCATE MSDXM.OCX box pop up and the "Look in" is defaulting to The Master Genealogist v9.


If I click on CANCEL I get a TMG error that says:


OLE error code 0x80040154; Class not registered. 38



and the option to abort, retry and ignore.


Abort = drops back to the Exhibit log

Retry = puts me back to Locate msdxm.ocx and then cycles back to abort, retry ignore

Ignore = drops back to the exhibit log


Any thoughts of how to fix this please. I waited for the release of 9.03 to see if installing that would do the trick. I have removed and reinstalled 9.01 previously.


Thanks in advance - Terry


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This is probably the issue.



Either install the PDF printer driver (File / Printer setup) or remove and reinstall The Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4. That should get the DLL registered.


There is another possibility but only if you are running a N or KN version of Windows 8.


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Thanks Jim,


That has helped to clear up a problem that I have been seeing for months, it wasn't the end of the world, but not being able to see the "properties" of the exhibits was low level annoying.


I had removed Windows Media Centre and reinstalling it appears to have done the trick (after trying the other suggestions).


By the way I am running Windows 7, (for anyone else who has the problem) that just needs you to go into Control Panel, Programmes & Features and then in the left hand column select "Turn Windows features on or off", and under media you will find the programmes that need to be in place.


Thanks again Jim, regards - Terry.

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