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Big problems after upgrading TMG 9.01 to 9.04

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It seemed simple enough. I upgraded through the Help Menu. TMG 9.04 started fine, I entered my 9.0 password, and then 9.04 would not recognize any .pjc file I had. (As a matter of fact, the "Open" dialogue box had two options -- .ocx files and *.* (all files).


The computer spit out a series of Windows error messages and then TMG would not shut down except through a <Ctrl>+<alt>+<delete>. Rebooted and tried it all again. Same result. By the way, I can see all of my .PJC files in Windows Explorer.


So what's the deal? If 9.04 is going to be problematic, I'm happy to go back to 9.01... I'm just not sure how to do that.

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Similar problem here...

Upgrade from 9.01 to 9.04 completed fine

Opened TMG and selected my project file. TMG wanted to upgrade project so went with the recommended "yes" option. TMG spitting out errors - Cannot load 32-bit DLL c:\windows\system32\bblistviewv.ocx. File exists in this location.


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Up and running again...


Renamed The Master Genealogist v9 directory

Downloaded trial version

Started TMG (already had my unlock code in it)

Opened the Sample project OK

Opened my project from renamed location OK

Restored my project from a backup and upgraded project OK

Navigation through upgraded project is fine.





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This is a bit worrying - could any expert review this, and please advise before the rest of us amateurs upgrade.....


Incidentally, I'm currently using 9.03 on Windows 8.1 64bit


Thanks very much in advance!

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If you install by running 'Check for an update' and get an error, the solution for this type is issue is to download the 'trial' version from the Wholly Genes website, run the installer, and select [Repair].


It never hurts to update by doing the following (rather than using 'Check for an update'). (The following is how I always update to a new incremental version... such as from 9.0n to 9.04.)


Or if you are running v9.03... Uninstall v9.03. (This will not affect your data.) Download the 'trial' version from the Wholly Genes website and install it. You may or may not need to run the installer as administrator. (It never hurts to run the installer as administrator.)


If you are running Windows 8 or later, run the program for the first time as administrator and unlock and then exit.


You should always be able to run the program normally (as Standard user).

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