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Do I need to convert data to v9 for future export? using v7 uhoh.

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In light of the fact that TMG has stopped being supported I have a big issue. I am one of those that hasn't worked on my genealogy in a while and have all my data in version 7 on my Windows XP machine. In order to move the data to something else (hopefully a program that will keep the witnesses and roles since I used those a lot) do I need to transfer my data to version 9 of TMG? I doubt that programs like RootsMagic or others that are working on creating a TMG import will take it from an old version. So I'll be I need my data in a new format. Since I can't get Version 9 of TMG anymore what shall I DO? HELP? thanks.


Maybe someone can transfer it for me?? and get the files back to me so I can import into something else?? just a thought.


Kathy in Maine

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The RootsMagic 6 direct import works fine with a TMG7 project. The RM import supports TMG v7.04 and v8.08 and later. We'll need to wait for the Legacy 8 direct import to see what TMG versions it supports.


If you want a GEDCOM export from v9.04, you can send me your project and I'll do it for you. You can email me by clicking on the link below... (A backup with only the project files is all that I'd need.)

Jim Byram

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