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What is the real difference between [W] and [S]?

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I am a bit lost and hope somebody can help find my way back.


I have read nearly everything (also Terry's explanations and examples) but am still puzzled by what the real benefit of the variable is. When should (or must) I use it to get exactly what effect?


I understand that it has some extra flexibility (with the [sx] variants) but there must be something more to it that still escapes me.


Please help.

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You asked what the real difference is between [W] and . That implies the primary goal or use of is to replace [W]. That's not the case. and the [sx] variants address some gaps in what is possible with [P], [W], and role variables [R:role], [RG:role], etc.

I described the changes here, but if you have read Terry's explanations and you don't get it, my explanation probably won't help.

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